Monday 31 December 2012

Underwater view of a coalhole

Recently, our family had a very passable Thai lunch in Krua Anne cafe in the bijou Kensington Gardens in Brighton's North Laine. After the meal, I needed to use the 'facilities' and was directed to the basement where I found an amazing mural covering the walls and ceiling, depicting a tropical underwater paradise of colourful fish, vibrant coral and wibbly seaweed.

I noticed a circular indentation in the ceiling and a thrill shuddered through me as I realised that I was urinating in an old coal cellar underneath the pavement and the inundation was the hole left after the cover had been removed. 


  1. Dear Captain 'Colehole' Coleman-Khan,

    What a memorable, serendipitous pee! Did you manage to take a rubbing of anything whilst you were down there?

    You've certainly piqued my interest and I'm going to follow you from now on.

    Some beautiful photos, thanks,


    1. Thanks Lucy. I couldn't find anything worthwhile to rub. I'll be interested to see if Dakar has any coalhole covers or other interesting street furniture. Thanks for doubling the number of followers I have.