Friday 30 November 2012

Every and Newman foundry of Lewes and Brighton

I'm indebted to David Joyce who has provided me with some history of the Every and Newman foundry in Lewes, after reading an article I wrote in the Hove Civic Society newsletter.

David told me,
"The 'Every' part was based in Lewes for nearly 150 years and was the biggest employer in the town for decades. The Every family owned the Phoenix ironworks. John Every came to Lewes in 1832.
By the time the railway came to Lewes in 1846, the Phoenix works were adjacent to the goods yard.
With the rapid expansion of Brighton at the time, I believe Every created an annex/branch in Brighton
to capture some of the (domestic) market.

The Post Office Trade Directory 1855 lists, under Ironfounders : ‘Every, J. (E Harwood manager), 26 and 27 Station Street, Brighton.’
In a Brighton Street Directory 1858 we find: 25 and 26 Station Street , Every, John stove and grate warehouse
In a Brighton Street Directory 1859, and the Post Office directory 1866 we find under Station Street: 26 and 27 Every and Newman, iron and brass founders.

In the Kelly’s Directory 1890 we find E.G. Brown, ironfounder at 16 and 17 Station Street, E.G. Brown was John Every’s son in law, and it seems likely the business passed from JE and Newman to him.

To me, it would make commercial sense to use just the Lewes foundry for all Cast Iron and Brass castings, but I cannot prove this either way. "


  1. Every, Iron Founder, Lewes cast the iron bollards on Harringay Passage N8/ N4, London.

  2. I toke out a peace of stone and cover from a coal hole shoot today, the cover was Star foundry, A Burstow & co Brighton from a house 1889, dose any one know where it was